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Recently, we reached out to customers in the midst of their BIOME9 journey to gather feedback on how our supplements have benefited their dogs so far.

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Here at Biome9, we are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of your beloved dogs through our GutDiscovery® test kits and tailored dietary and supplement recommendations. Recently, we reached out to customers in the midst of their BIOME9 journey to gather feedback on how our supplements have benefited their dogs so far.

A remarkable 80% of our customers have noticed an improvement in their dog whilst using BIOME9’s BiomeBites®. The results are not only reflective of the power of our science-backed recommendations, but also heartwarming, showcasing the positive impact BiomeBites® have had on numerous dogs’ gut health.

Take a closer look at what our customers have experienced so far:

  1. Boosted Energy Levels

75% of dogs were more energetic and playful since starting our tailored supplement plan. Increased energy levels are strongly associated with optimal gut health, allowing your dog to enjoy more active and joyful days.

  1. Enhanced Digestion and Stool Quality

60% of our customers reported better poo quality and less flatulence in their dogs, especially within the first phase of their plan. Improved digestion can lead to fewer discomforts and a happier pet.

  1. Reduction in Aggression and Anxiety

50% of pet owners have observed a decrease in their dog’s aggression and anxiety levels since starting BIOME9’s supplements. With a strong link between gut health and canine behaviour, having a balanced gut microbiome could be the key to a calmer dog. 

  1. Improved Coat Quality and Weight Management

40% of dogs experienced better coat quality and improved weight management thanks to our supplements, leading to a shinier, healthier appearance and better overall condition. 

  1. Overall Well-Being Rating

On average, customers rated their dog’s health as having improved to a 6 out of 10, with 1 being no change, and 10 being an extreme improvement since starting their BIOME9 supplement plan. This metric underscores the general satisfaction and positive changes noticed by our customers.

 Why Choose BIOME9?

Choosing BIOME9 supplements means opting for scientifically-backed, customer-approved solutions to enhance your dog’s health. Our GutDiscovery® test kit allows us to tailor supplements specifically to your dog’s unique needs, ensuring actionable results that skip the guesswork and target the issues at hand. The feedback from our customers speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our BiomeBites®. From improved stool and coat quality to more energy, reduced anxiety, and better weight management, our products are making a significant difference.

Join the Biome9 community today and transform your dog’s health and happiness through our tailored dietary and supplement recommendations.


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Frequently asked questions

  • The microbiome is the name given to the collection of microbes, mostly bacteria, but also fungi and protozoa, that exist within your dog’s gut. It is a diverse and complex microbial community which can directly affect health and wellbeing. We know that 90% of a human’s body cells are microbes, with only 10% being human cells – it’s just that human cells are markedly larger than the microbes. It’s similar for our four-legged friends. Testing the microbiome gives us an idea of exactly which bacteria are present in your dog’s gut and this can help indicate existing or future health problems.

  • A healthy diversity within the microbiome has been found to be an accurate indicator of overall health and wellbeing. If your dog appears healthy, but has an imbalance in their microbiome, then this could be an indicator of a potential future health issue. If your dog has any existing health complaints, then improving the health of their microbiome can help to improve immune system health and overall wellbeing, as well as improving disease symptoms.

  • Testing and treatment have the potential to help with a whole range of different health complaints. The immune system is very closely associated with the gut, so any imbalance in the microbiome can influence immune system health, overall vitality and wellbeing. Our supplement recommendations are also tailored to your individual dog, with specific ranges designed to help with gastrointestinal inflammation, joint problems, allergies and skin complaints, to name a few.

  • All you need to do is order a kit online and fill in our questionnaire about your dog and their general health. We will then send the kit out to you by post. You then just need to collect a sample and return it to us, again by post. Once the test is performed, we will email the results directly to you.

  • You do not need to get your vet’s permission to test, or talk to them about performing the test beforehand. We do recommend that you pass on a copy of your test results to your regular vets, as it may help them in understanding your pet’s current health, and any future complaints they may have.

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