Putting more care into pet care

We’re a precision pet wellness brand, on a mission to redefine pet health through the application of cutting-edge life sciences with the help of our proprietary bioinformatic AI.

Join us as we help to create a brighter future for the animals we love.

One-size-fits-all advice that didn’t work

"I've always been a committed dog owner, so when my dogs faced persistent digestive issues, like most owners, I sought out the usual treatments and consulted my vet. Unhappy with the lack of improvements, I started looking into gut health and uncovered a world of research that revealed the microbiome's crucial role in digestion and overall health.

Collaborating with nutritional experts, I developed a tailored plan of dietary supplements for my dogs, leading to remarkable improvements in just four months, especially in my most affected dog.

This journey inspired me to start BIOME9. Teaming up with Asher and our top team of data and bio-scientists, my hope is that we can offer this personalised, science-backed approach to nutrition to pet owners across the world."

Creating a healthier tomorrow for the dogs we love.

We’re tackling a global problem. Our pets face a silent struggle.

Modern pets are battling more than just fleas. From the loss of natural diet benefits, excessive use of chemical treatments and antibiotics, global soil degradation and ever narrowing gene pools, their health is on a downward spiral.

But there’s hope, and at BIOME9 we’re pioneering cutting-edge science, research and AI, to deep-dive into their microbiomes, identify gaps, and offer personalised support strategies to combat the effects of modern lifestyles. And in doing so, we’re hoping to redefine the benchmark for global pet health and wellbeing.

Meet the team

We're a passionate team of animal lovers, who happen to know a lot about very complex science and technology.

  • Dr Joe Inglis BVSc MRCVS

    Head of Veterinary Science & Nutrition

    Experienced vet, canine nutrition expert, author, TV vet (Blue Peter, Vets in Practice) and co-founder of personalised dog food brand tails.com, Joe is a leading expert in specialised, bespoke nutrition and formulation for dogs. Joe shares his home with 3 cats and an adventurous cross breed dog called Pip who shares Joe’s love of running up hills in the Cotswolds.

  • Dr Stephen Christie

    Co-founder & CTO

    A global leader in bioinformatics and computer science, with a Phd in Machine Learning and over 30 years’ industry experience, specialising in microbiome sequencing. Stephen has exceptional ties with pioneering leaders globally in the AI, animal and healthcare industries, but when he’s not teaching machines how to behave, or out on the AI speaker circuit, you’ll find him at home composing music in his recording studio.

  • Chloe Hazell

    Lead Bioscientist

    Chloe is an animal health and disease specialist and the principal architect, researcher and product leader for BIOME9’s InvisibleHealth® AI. She is not only a veterinary bioscientist, but also has an M.Sc. in Animal Science. Chloe has a horse, multiple dogs and actually enjoys driving seven hours across the country from her home to our lab each week.

  • James Cox


    James is driven by a genuine love for his dogs and a thirst for knowledge. At BIOME9, he's channelled personal experiences with his own pets into creating better solutions for dog owners the world over. Outside the office, you will find him hooked up to his bioresonance machine or buried in the latest biohacking reads. He's all about blending tech with wellness, and believes strongly in using tech to make it personal (and better).

  • Asher Nathan

    Co-Founder & CEO

    A seasoned entrepreneur and a true health and gut enthusiast who has navigated a significant personal health journey. A serendipitous encounter with James sparked a shared vision, culminating in the birth of BIOME9. With a background as a trained chef, Asher's kitchen often becomes a fermentation lab, brewing all sorts of intriguing concoctions...

  • Rachel Charker

    Membership Manager

    With over 10 years experience in animal health, Rachel initially aspired to be a vet but switched to study a B.Sc. in Zoo Biology because of her love of exotic animals. After years of hands-on experience with animals, she transitioned into pet insurance, managing intricate health claims for customers, before joining BIOME9. Outside work, she’s constantly working on small projects around her house, and enjoys time with her two rescue cats, Pia and Pandora, and chinchilla, Jellybean, dreaming one day of her larger menagerie.

  • Dr. Vicky Simon BVetMed MRCVS

    Veterinary Consultant

    Vicky is a specialist holistic vet who operates her own clinic, focusing on complementary medicine practices such as herbal supplementation, homeopathy, acupuncture, and guidance on natural feeding. She is committed to optimising the gut microbiomes of her patients, as well as those of her own pets—two dogs, two cats, and a flock of chickens. Outside the clinic, Vicky’s passion for wellness extends to growing as much of her own nutritionally rich food as possible and staying closely connected to nature and the sustenance it provides.

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