GutDiscovery® Test Kit + Gut Health Report
GutDiscovery® Test Kit + Gut Health Report
GutDiscovery® Test Kit + Gut Health Report
GutDiscovery® Test Kit + Gut Health Report
GutDiscovery® Test Kit + Gut Health Report
GutDiscovery® Test Kit + Gut Health Report
GutDiscovery® Test Kit + Gut Health Report

GutDiscovery® Test Kit & Gut Health Report for Dogs

  • Feeding, superfood & supplement recommendations
  • Unique health insights into common problems
  • Help support your dog's digestion, skin, joints & behaviour
  • Track health improvements with InvisibleHealth®
  • UK lab, advanced analysis
  • All breeds, ages and pre-existing conditions
"This test has helped us understand things we'd never thought of, and make changes to better our pup’s wellbeing."
Roshni (and Enzo)
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Easy-to-collect stool sample. Average results 14 days.
Free UK delivery, return postage included.
For pet parents who want to go the extra mile, this revolutionary test can reveal exactly what our dogs need to live long and happy lives.”
Dr. Joe Inglis BVSc MRCVS
Head of Veterinary Science & Nutrition
Dr. Joe Inglis BVSc MRCVS
Head of Veterinary Science & Nutrition
How GutDiscovery® works

One simple test, with eye-opening results

The window into your dog's inner world begins here
  • Step 1.

    Collect sample

    Order your letterbox-friendly test kit, follow the simple instructions and return to us (return post included).
    Watch the video.
  • Step 2.

    Lab analysis

    Our certified UK lab analyses millions of micro-organisms in your sample using proprietary InvisibleHealth® AI for instant, benchmarked results.
  • Step 3.

    Receive report

    Your dog’s personalised results give you insights into their gut’s unique makeup and how it supports their health, along with a simple action plan.
  • Step 4.

    Follow plan

    No more nutritional guesswork. Make simple dietary changes and discover daily supplements tailored to support your dog’s unique set of needs.

A supplement plan designed for your dog. Not someone else's.

Your report will guide you through everything needed to restore the natural balance of your dog’s gut health, repopulate the good bacteria and optimise their vitality.

BiomeBites® are human-grade, precision supplements, cold-processed to preserve the integrity of high quality ingredients which you can't find in everyday diets or generic probiotics.

*Only available with a GutDiscovery® test, plans starting from £22 per month (billed every two months).

  • Clinically approved & vet-formulated
  • Soft chewable treats
  • Traceable ingredients
  • High bioavailability

Join thousands of owners changing their dogs' lives.

Help & support

Frequently asked questions

  • We are testing your dog’s stool for different bacteria and creating a map of their microbiome. We look to see which bacteria are present in your dog’s biome, and whether these levels are normal, higher than normal or lower than normal.

    This information will give us an idea of what is going on within their gut now, as well as what issues could arise in the future. We will then give advice on how to improve the balance and diversity of the biome to help it return to optimum health.

  • Testing and treatment have the potential to help with a whole range of different health complaints. This is because the immune system is very closely associated with the gut and so any imbalance in the microbiome can influence immune system health, overall vitality and wellbeing.

    Our supplement recommendations are also tailored to your individual dog, with specific ranges designed to help with gastrointestinal inflammation, joint problems, allergies and skin complaints, to name a few.

  • Some pet owners like to test their dog’s microbiome to find out if the diet they are feeding is suitable for their pet, and whether they are at risk of developing any future conditions that could be prevented.

    A large proportion of your dog’s immune system is closely associated with the gut, so any imbalance found on the report could lead to future health problems if left untreated. Gut wall integrity and immune system health are both crucial for overall wellbeing and vitality in all mammals, so testing could help you to keep your dog in optimum health, and help them lead a longer and happier life.

  • You do not need to get your vet’s permission to test, or talk to them about performing the test beforehand. We do recommend that you pass on a copy of your test results to your regular vets, as it may help them in understanding your pet’s current health, and any future complaints they may have.

  • We recommend retesting in the future so that we can see how our recommendations have affected your dog’s microbiome. Frequency of retesting will depend on the health of your dog and their microbiome. If your dog is generally healthy, then retests will be less frequent. We usually recommend testing every 6 months to monitor their progress. If they have an active disease process, particularly a gastrointestinal disease, then we will recommend more frequent retests until we have things back under control with a healthier biome.

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GutDiscovery® Test Kit + Gut Health Report

GutDiscovery® Microbiome Profile
Test Kit

Test your dog’s microbiome and unlock insights that will help them stay happy and healthy for life.