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About our GutDiscovery® Test

  • The microbiome is the name given to the collection of microbes, mostly bacteria, but also fungi, viruses, and protozoa, that exist within your dog’s gut.

    It is a diverse and complex microbial community which can directly affect health and wellbeing. It has been estimated that around 90% of a human’s body cells are microbes, with only 10% being human cells – it’s just that human cells are markedly larger than the microbes. It’s similar for our four-legged friends.

  • A healthy diversity within the microbiome has been found to be an accurate indicator of overall health and wellbeing.

    If your dog appears healthy, but has an imbalance in their microbiome, then this could be an indicator of a potential future health issue.

    If your dog has any existing health complaints, then improving the health of their microbiome can help to improve immune system health and overall wellbeing, as well as improving disease symptoms.

    There are many direct links between the microbiome and other areas of the body such as the joints, brain and skin, and a poorly balanced microbiome can have significant effects throughout the rest of the body.

  • We are testing your dog’s stool for different bacteria and creating a map of their microbiome. We look to see which bacteria are present in your dog’s biome, and whether these levels are normal, higher than normal or lower than normal.

    This information will give us an idea of what is going on within their gut now, as well as what issues could arise in the future. We will then give advice on how to improve the balance and diversity of the biome to help it return to optimum health.

  • Testing and treatment have the potential to help with a whole range of different health complaints. This is because the immune system is very closely associated with the gut and so any imbalance in the microbiome can influence immune system health, overall vitality and wellbeing.

    Our supplement recommendations are also tailored to your individual dog, with specific ranges designed to help with gastrointestinal inflammation, joint problems, allergies and skin complaints, to name a few.

  • Some sort of imbalance in the microbiome is found with all digestive issues, so optimising the diet and encouraging a return to a healthy biome will usually improve digestive issues and digestion generally. This may happen quickly or slowly, depending on what condition your dog is suffering from, as well as what other interventions are being taken, such as diet changes, antibiotics, or other medications as needed.

  • You don’t have to, but we might recommend that you make some changes to help improve the health of your dog’s microbiome.

    Sometimes the test results will indicate that the diet your dog is currently eating is not suitable for them, as it is causing an imbalance in their microbiome. For example, you may need to increase protein levels to help encourage a healthy biome. This is very hard to do if you are feeding a low protein food, so we would suggest you switch to a higher protein food, as just adding more lean protein to their diet could lead to an imbalanced diet.

    In many cases you will be able to keep your dog on the same, or a similar food, and just make a few tweaks based on our feeding recommendations. For example, adding some extra vegetables to their normal food.

    If your dog has a gastrointestinal issue and you have not tried experimenting with feeding different flavours or styles of food, then we would recommend discussing this with your regular vet. There are lots of food-responsive digestive issues, and sometimes finding the right food can resolve your dog’s digestive issues.

  • We tend to make two types of recommendations.

    First, we will recommend a bespoke supplement combination tailored specifically for your dog’s needs, based on the results of the test. This is designed to address any deficiencies in their microbiome, help with any existing or future conditions identified, and boost their overall health.

    Second, we will provide a series of dietary recommendations to improve your dog’s microbiome diversity and health.

  • We recommend retesting in the future so that we can see how our recommendations have affected your dog’s microbiome. Frequency of retesting will depend on the health of your dog and their microbiome. If your dog is generally healthy, then retests will be less frequent. We usually recommend testing every 6 months to monitor their progress. If they have an active disease process, particularly a gastrointestinal disease, then we will recommend more frequent retests until we have things back under control with a healthier biome.

  • You do not need to get your vet’s permission to test, or talk to them about performing the test beforehand. We do recommend that you pass on a copy of your test results to your regular vets, as it may help them in understanding your pet’s current health, and any future complaints they may have.

  • Some pet owners like to test their dog’s microbiome to find out if the diet they are feeding is suitable for their pet, and whether they are at risk of developing any future conditions that could be prevented.

    A large proportion of your dog’s immune system is closely associated with the gut, so any imbalance found on the report could lead to future health problems if left untreated. Gut wall integrity and immune system health are both crucial for overall wellbeing and vitality in all mammals, so testing could help you to keep your dog in optimum health, and help them lead a longer and happier life.

  • Any dog can have a microbiome test performed on their stools, regardless of any conditions they have or treatment they may be receiving. The only exception is if your dog is receiving any chemotherapy drugs, as these are excreted in the stools (this is a health hazard for you and our team at the lab).

  • Yes. The microbiome is very closely linked with overall health and vitality. There have also been many links made between the microbiome and the health of different body systems, including the skin, the joints and the brain. Finding out the state of the microbiome, and making changes to improve it, could certainly help improve other health conditions. It could also help to improve overall health due to the close association between the immune system and gut health.

  • You can perform the test if your dog is on antibiotics, but the results may be different to normal. Antibiotics target bacteria, by killing or preventing them from reproducing, so this will have an effect on your dog’s microbiome and their test results.

    If your dog is on a short course of antibiotics, two weeks or less, then we would recommend you finish the course before testing, so we know exactly how depleted your dog’s microbiome is before we make changes to encourage a healthier biome. If it is a long course of antibiotics, more than four weeks, then we would recommend you go ahead and test, so we can make changes to start building the microbiome back up as soon as possible.

    If your dog is on antibiotics when we first test them, then we may recommend retesting sooner than with other cases, but it will all depend on what the results show.

  • No. If your dog is currently taking probiotics then there is no need to stop them before testing. We should get a clear picture of your dog’s microbiome regardless, and if they are helping, then we don’t want to interfere unless it would benefit them. The same goes for prebiotics, synbiotics, and postbiotics.

  • Yes. You can perform the test on your dog if they are on any type of medication, except chemotherapy drugs, as these are excreted in the stools (this is a health hazard for you and our team at the lab).

    You will be asked to provide us with the details of any symptoms or conditions your pet is suffering from, and any medication they’re taking, during the test activation process. This is so we can provide accurate recommendations in relation to your dog’s results.

  • No. This test is specifically checking the levels of bacteria in your dog’s gut. It’s not designed to check for any parasites. If you’re concerned about the possibility of your dog having a parasite, you can ask your vet to provide a separate test for this.

  • It is better to wait at least a month after deworming before performing the test. If your dog is due to be dewormed, then this could be done immediately after taking your sample.

  • No, you’ll need to have a separate allergy or intolerance test for this, which is carried out via different methods. If you're interested in this, you should speak to your vet to find out more information. 

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Ordering your GutDiscovery® Test Kit

  • Our test kits are delivered via Royal Mail. At checkout you can choose either Next Day delivery or 48hr Tracked delivery.

    The test kits fit through most standard letterboxes.

  • At checkout, you can choose one of the following options:

    - Next Day Delivery - £4.99 - order before 1pm for next day delivery

    - Tracked 48hr Delivery - Free

  • We recommend re-testing your dog 6 months after their last sample was analysed.

    A lot can change in 6 months, especially if they’ve been receiving the recommended combination of BiomeBites®. So we recommend that your dog is re-tested after this period, so we can compare their progress with their previous results, and alter our recommendations accordingly, to continue to support and enhance your dog’s health.

    If your dog’s health has worsened during this time, we may recommend re-testing earlier. If you’re unsure, please contact support@biome9.com.

  • Currently, the GutDiscovery® Test Kits are only available from our online store.

    Keep any eye on our website for updates though, as we are looking to partner with vet practices and retailers in the future.

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GutDiscovery® Test sample collection

  • Collecting a stool sample is very quick and easy using our GutDiscovery® test kit, which contains everything you need to safely take a suitable sample. The whole process takes just a couple of minutes from scooping the sample up into the collection tube to sealing it securely in the postal packaging and sending it off to our laboratory.

  • Place the return address label on the back of the box and put it in your nearest postbox. Please make sure to send within 3 days.

  • It’s best if you return your dog’s sample as soon as possible, so that you receive the most accurate results.

    We recommend that you return your dog’s sample to our lab within 3 days of your dog defaecating, as the sample quality will degrade the older it is, which could affect the accuracy of the results.

    Although we recommend you return your dog’s sample within 3 days, if you have been unable to return it to our lab sooner, you can still return it to us up to 60 days after your dog defaecated. The preservative we use will hold DNA stable for up to 60 days, if stored at room temperature.

    If it has been more than 60 days since the sample was created, please contact help@biome9.com, as it’s likely our lab won’t be able to successfully analyse your dog’s sample and provide accurate results.

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GutDiscovery® Test results

  • All the recommendations in your report are a combination of the data you entered and the millions of data points extracted and sequenced from your dog’s sample. These are run through our proprietary AI engines, which recognise complex patterns in the biomarker data and match it against a much larger dataset to find statistically accurate links. This then allows us to pinpoint bespoke recommendations and combinations that will be best for your pet’s wellbeing. This process is far more complex than a human could analyse.

    It is important to note that recommendations are based on the data at a single point in time, which is why we recommend to re-test regularly, to ensure your pet’s data is kept up to date and patterns within their own tests can be monitored.

  • Results are usually provided in approximately 2 - 3 weeks from the date we receive your dog's sample. As this is a manual process, it can take longer to process some samples.

    When your dog’s results are ready, we will send you an email which will include a link to view the results on your online account.

    Your account will store a PDF copy of your dog’s results. If you require a version in a different format, or require any reasonable adjustments (such as large print), please contact support@biome9.com.

  • If you have any questions about the test results we would recommend you speak with our customer support team who should be able to answer your questions and clear up any confusion.

    If your question is particularly technical, we have a team of vets who can provide more in-depth help. You could also consider talking to your regular vet about the results, as they know your pet’s history.

  • The PDF report detailing your dog’s results will provide a number of recommendations including:

    1. A tailored 6 month programme of supplements, selected to restore, repopulate and optimise your dog’s gut microbiome, and their overall health.

    2. A range of dietary recommendations including nutritional recommendations for everyday feeding, details of foods to avoid, tips on suitable treats, and the superfoods you can give your dog to enhance their health.

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About BiomeBites®

  • Currently, our BiomeBites® our only available on our tailored, 6 month supplement plan.

    The plan is designed using your dog’s test results, to ensure they are receiving the most optimal combination for their health needs. As a result, we’re not able to offer the BiomeBites® until your dog has been tested.

  • You will receive a bespoke dosing schedule for your dog based on their GutDiscovery® test results and their size.

    You can also find this information on the back of the BiomeBites® packaging.

    If you have any questions, please contact support@biome9.com.

  • The weight bandings are a guide only. As the BiomeBites® are made from entirely natural ingredients, there is no risk to your dog if they receive a slightly lower dose.

    If your dog has lost or gained weight since taking the test, which puts them in a different weight category, you can adjust their dose accordingly. The details of the weight bandings are on the back of the BiomeBites® packaging.

    If, as a result of changing the daily dosage for your dog, you have, or will have, too many or too few BiomeBites® remaining, please contact support@biome9.com.

  • As the BiomeBites® are made from entirely natural ingredients, there is no risk to your dog if they receive a slightly lower dose.

    There is also a very low risk of causing harm if you accidentally give your dog a higher dose, especially if it was just the once. If you have given your dog a higher dose than recommended, keep an eye on them and take them to your vet if they seem unwell.

  • We don’t currently offer this option.

    If this is a product you would like us to offer, please contact support@biome9.com to let us know, so we can consider offering this in the future.

  • Yes, BiomeBites® are completely safe for dogs, with the only potential exceptions being if your dog has a very specific allergy or intolerance to one of the ingredients.

    It is important that you answer any questions we ask about your dog’s health as accurately as possible, as the ingredients vary between the different types of BiomeBites®.

    Make sure to always check the back of the BiomeBites® packaging before feeding any to your dog, as this is where you will find the ingredients list, along with any conditions or medications that may need to be considered.

    If you are in any doubt, we advise checking with your vet and showing them the detailed ingredients list for your dog’s BiomeBites® before feeding them to your dog.

  • BiomeBites® have been formulated by our team of vets, nutritionists and food production experts.

    Each product has been designed to deliver specific health benefits using carefully researched active ingredients and based on the latest scientific evidence on efficacy and safety.

    As well as their functional profiles, each formulation has been extensively taste-tested with our panel of picky eaters to ensure that they are as palatable as possible to make feeding easy and enjoyable.

  • BiomeBites® contain very few calories and so will not have a significant impact on your dog’s overall energy intake, so they can be fed as part of a low-calorie diet without causing any problems.

  • It is very unlikely that your dog would have an allergic reaction to BiomeBites®, as they are made from all natural ingredients.

    If you suspect your dog is suffering from an allergic reaction, you should first consult your vet. If your vet suspects your dog is allergic to an ingredient in BiomeBites®, stop feeding them to your dog immediately and contact us at support@biome9.com.

  • We have conducted extensive palatability testing on our BiomeBites®, however if your dog is refusing any of our formulations, please contact support@biome9.com.

  • We would recommend contacting your vet for advice in the first instance.

    Our supplements are made from natural products and are designed to boost your dog’s health and vitality, so it is unlikely that they would cause any significant negative effects. However, if you’re concerned, please contact support@biome9.com so that we can support you.

    We would also recommend re-testing your dog sooner, to enable you to track how they are progressing.

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Ordering BiomeBites®

  • Our BiomeBites® are delivered via Royal Mail. At checkout you can choose either Next Day delivery or 48hr Tracked delivery.

  • You will only have to place one order for a full programme of BiomeBites®.

    After 6 months, we recommend you re-test your dog to monitor their progress. We will recommend a new course of BiomeBites® based on their updated results.

  • Currently, the BiomeBites® are only available from our online store.

    Keep any eye on our website for updates though, as we are looking to partner with vet practices and retailers in the future.

  • BiomeBites® are currently only available on subscription based on the recommendations set out in your dog’s GutDiscovery® Test results.

    If any of your BiomeBites® have been lost or damaged, or your dog needs a different dosage based on a change in their weight, please contact support@biome9.com.

  • BiomeBites® are currently only available on subscription based on the recommendations set out in your dog’s GutDiscovery® Test results.

    If any of your BiomeBites® have been lost or damaged, or your dog needs a different dosage based on a change in their weight, please contact support@biome9.com.

  • You can cancel at any time via your subscription dashboard in your account home.

    If there’s anything you need help with, please contact support@biome9.com, and we’ll be happy to support you.

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BiomeBites® Ingredients

  • Marshmallow Root



    Thyme Leaf

    Vitamin B12

    Vitamin C

    Enterococcus faecium

    Bifidobacterium animalis

    Vitamin B6

  • Spirulina Powder


    Ginger Root

    Oregano Leaf Powder

    Thyme Leaf Powder

    Matcha Green Tea Powder

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin B12

    Enterococcus faecium

    Meadowsweet Powder

    Bifidobacterium animalis

    Vitamin B6

  • Dandelion Root


    GMBx6™ Multibiotic Blend with Bacillus velezensis

  • Glucosamine HCL


    Boswellia Serrata

    Turmeric Root Extract

    Ginger Root


    Vitamin C


    GMBx6™ Multibiotic Blend

    Vitamin E


  • NaturAlgae

    Turmeric Root

    Burdock Root

    Cordyceps Mushroom

    Arctic Blueberry

    Ashwaganda Root

    Vitamin C


    Vitamin E

    GMBx6™ Multibiotic Blend with Bifidobacterium animalis and Bacillus velezensis

  • Inulin

    Sugar Beet Fibre

    3 Strain Yeast-based Postbiotic

    Enterococcus faecium

    Bacillus velezensis

  • Inulin (Jerusalem Artichoke Soluble Fibre)

    Inulin (Chicory Root Soluble Fibre)

    Psyllium Husk

    Sugar Beet Fibre

    Vitamin C

  • Arctic Blueberry

    Humic Acid

    Vitamin A

    Vitamin B1

    Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B2

    Vitamin B3

    Vitamin B5

    Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B9

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin D3

    Vitamin E













  • 3 Strain Yeast-based Postbiotic


    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Astragalus Root



    Quercetin Dihydrate

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Payment options

  • We accept payments via Debit Card, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Paypal, Paypal Credit and Klarna (0% interest pay-in-3).

  • We currently offer a subscription for our BiomeBites® only.

    Every 2 months, your payment method will be charged the agreed amount, and you will receive the next order of BiomeBites®. For example, on month 1 you’ll be charged for your delivery of the first 2 month phase of your supplements programme and on month 3 you’ll be charged for the delivery of the second phase (months 3 & 4, and so on). Deliveries will be made after payment is completed. So for a 6 month programme, your payment method will be charged a total of 3 times, and you will receive 3 deliveries of BiomeBites®.

    Our initial programmes last for 6 months. After this time your current subscription will continue with the Optimise phase until cancelled, as it has been designed for your dog's ongoing needs. We recommend re-testing your dog after the initial 6 month programme has ended, to review their progress and to update their plan if needed.

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  • We can currently deliver our GutDiscovery® Tests and BiomeBites® to the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland) only. This excludes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

    If you have already ordered from the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, please contact support@biome9.com.

    Unfortunately, we don’t supply our products to any countries outside of the UK yet.

  • Next Day Delivery - £4.99 - order before 1pm for next day delivery

    Tracked 48hr Delivery - Free

    We don’t currently deliver to the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or any countries outside the UK.

    All of our GutDiscovery® tests include a free return address label, to be attached to the back of the box, so that they can be posted back to our lab for analysis.

  • If your order hasn’t yet been despatched, please contact support@biome9.com.

    If your order has already been despatched, unfortunately we are unable to amend any details.

  • Yes. When your order is despatched, you’ll receive an email with the tracking number.

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  • If you need to return or exchange an item, please contact support@biome9.com. Once your return has been authorised, we will issue a return label for you.

  • If the return or exchange has been authorised as the item is damaged, faulty or you have received an incorrect item (an item different to the one you ordered), the cost of the return will be free.

    If the item is being returned for any other reason, a fee of £3.99 will be applicable for the return shipping. This amount will be deducted from the refund issued.

  • Please contact support@biome9.com.

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  • You can choose either a refund to the original payment method you used to purchase the item(s), or we can issue a discount code to the value of the item(s) being refunded, which you can use to purchase other items on our store.

  • Your refund will be in your account within 5 - 7 working days of the date it was issued. We will send you an email when we issue your refund to let you know.

    If you have chosen a discount code instead of a refund to the original payment method, this will be emailed to you when the refund is authorised and will be available to use as soon as you receive the email.

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Contact us

  • Chat: Available in the bottom right corner of your screen

    Email: support@biome9.com

    WhatsApp Messenger: 020 4538 7083

    Phone: Book a call here

  • Policy Statement:

    At BIOME9, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. We take all complaints seriously and aim to resolve them promptly and fairly. This Complaints Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for addressing and resolving customer complaints regarding our products and services.


    This policy applies to all current and former customers of BIOME9 who have used our services or products within the United Kingdom.


    The objective of this policy is to:

    1. Provide customers with a clear and accessible procedure for making complaints.
    2. Ensure that all complaints are handled promptly, fairly, and confidentially.
    3. Identify opportunities for continuous improvement based on customer feedback.

    Complaints Procedure:

    1. How to Make a Complaint:

    If you have a complaint, please let us know via one of the following methods:

    • Chat: this can be found on our website

    • Email: complaints@biome9.com

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    • Post:

      Nyman Lisbon Paul
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      124 Finchley Road
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      Please provide as much detail as possible, including your contact information and any supporting documentation relevant to the complaint.

      2. Receipt of Complaint:

      Upon receiving a complaint, we will issue an acknowledgment within 2 business days. This will detail our understanding of the complaint, and our timescales for providing a final decision.

      3. Investigation and Resolution:

    • The complaint will be assigned to a member of our team, who will investigate the matter thoroughly and impartially.

    • The handler of the complaint will communicate with the customer to gather additional information if needed.

    • We aim to provide a final decision on complaints within 10 business days. If more time is required, the customer will be informed of the delay and provided with regular updates.

    • Once the investigation is complete, the handler of the complaint will provide a formal written outcome, detailing what has been investigated and the reasoning for how we have reached our outcome.

    4. Escalation:

    If a customer is dissatisfied with the resolution provided by BIOME9, they may request that the complaint be escalated to an external body. Details of an Alternative Dispute Resolution provider (ADR) BIOME9 is willing to engage with, will be included in the formal written outcome sent at the end of our investigations.

    5. Confidentiality:

    All complaints and their details will be handled with the utmost confidentiality, in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

    6. Recording and Reporting:

    BIOME9 will maintain records of all complaints received, including their resolutions for training, process and product improvement purposes.

    7. Continuous Improvement:

    BIOME9 is committed to using customer feedback from complaints to continually improve our products, services and the experience of our customers. We are also happy to receive feedback via chat, email, WhatsApp, or over the phone at any stage of our customers’ journey with us.

    If you would like to leave feedback, but do not want this to be considered as a formal complaint, please contact us via:

  • If you're interested in partnering with us, or are an existing partner, please email: partnerships@biome9.com

    If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, or are an existing affiliate, please email: affiliates@biome9.com

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